Birmingham Fancy Dress Shop 'Should Take Down Killer Clown Outfit'

28 October 2016, 09:12

A fancy dress shop in Birmingham's been criticised by people living nearby for having a so-called killer clown costume outside for Halloween.

After police have had reports of people dressing up to scare people - the owner of the shop in Quinton says they've had the police called out to them - but insists they've always done it for Halloween.

Forces across the country have been called out a number of times in recent weeks to reports of people dressing up. 

The one outside Buy Feathers, in Hagley Road West, is not real, but has scared a number of people, and many have been posting messages on Facebook that it is inappropriate. 

Many of you have been telling a Heart Twitter poll you agree with people living nearby. 56% of people that answered it say it should be taken down.

The owner of the shop, Carl Wheeler, says it has been used for Halloween for a number of years, and only with the craze has it been an issue. 

He says it's not been put up to get on the bandwagon: