Birmingham Mental Health Campaigner Gets Posthumous Award From The Deputy Prime Minister

5 February 2015, 20:39 | Updated: 6 February 2015, 13:09

The mum of a Birmingham student has told Heart picking up a posthumous award for her will be a bitter sweet moment.

23-year-old Becki Luscombe died last year after a long battle with anxiety depression and chronic fatigue and is being recognised by the Deputy Prime Minister.

She led a national campaign to get the supermarkets to remove Halloween costumes labelled 'mental health patient.'

Her Mum Sue has been speaking to Heart.

She said: "Becki was diagnosed with border line personality disorder and she really welcomed that.

"That may seem a little strange but actually that was just so important.

"I think it was probably because of her suffering she just had such compassion and caring for perhaps those who are disadvantaged, disabled or struggling.

"What was amazing was that even from the age of 12 when she was so severely affected with the ME she was housebound she was too poorly to go to school she thought of others.

"As much as we celebrate and we do [we're] so proud of Becki there is the other side, the bitter sweet side, where we are so heartbroken that it's not her collecting this award."

Her Dad Richard also explained how her campaign against offensive Halloween costumes began.

He said: "Rather than getting angry about it, which underneath she was, she decided to take just a gentle humorous approach sent out a simple tweet showing a picture of herself in ordinary dress saying 'this is a mental patient look how scary I am.'

"We feel incredibly proud we know we've had some very tragic news and yes it is bitter sweet but it is just amazing and we're proud not just for her we're proud for all the other people who've campaigned on mental health alongside her."

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also explained why he was giving her a mental health hero award.

He said: "We've made great strides, but we cannot fail to be humbled and moved by Becki's tragic story. She contributed so much in her life and it is a great privilege to be able to honour her memory tonight.
"The work Becki did to raise the profile of mental health issues make her a very worthy winner and I hope others will follow her example so that together we can bring mental health out of the shadows and make it as important as physical health."