Bizarre 'Pouting' Shark

Staff at the National Sea Life Centre have welcomed the arrival of one of the world’s most unusual sharks.

The two-metre bowmouth shark has a head shaped like a hover mower, and trout-like pouting lips that have prompted her keepers to christen her Angelina…after Angelina Jolie.

The arrival of the bowmouth forms part of the Sea Life centre’s mission to highlight threats posed to shark species around the globe.

Curator Graham Burrows said:

“Research shows many shark species could disappear from our seas within ten years without urgent conservation measures, so we have made it our mission to raise awareness about their plight.

“Many people still view sharks as terrifying man-hunters, when in fact only a handful of the 370-plus species are dangerous, and the attacks that do occur are generally cases of mistaken identity.”

The bowmouth – classed as ‘vulnerable’ and also known as the dinosaur shark – is certainly no danger to humans. It eats crustaceans, mollusks, and bony fishes.

“We’re hoping Angelina will help people to view sharks in a different light,” said Graham.