Breastfeeding Help

Local mums with breastfeeding experience are being asked to help others across the county as part of a new healthy initiative.

NHS Worcestershire is seeking volunteers to provide ongoing breastfeeding support for new mums by training as Breastfeeding Helpers.

Volunteers will work alongside health professionals in Breastfeeding Support Groups to provide advice and guidance for the first six weeks following birth, which is the time when mums are most likely to give up.

Training is funded by NHS Worcestershire and will provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to provide support in their community. It will be delivered by the Breastfeeding Network in April and is designed to be accessible for all women, including those with no formal qualifications.

Volunteers who complete the training, which will involve two hours per week for twelve weeks, will be awarded with a nationally recognised award with the Open College Network.

Liz Altay, NHS Worcestershire’s Consultant in Public Health, told Heart:

“One of the findings from the latest National Breastfeeding Survey showed that nine out of ten mums who gave up breastfeeding within the first six weeks of birth said they in fact would have liked to have continued for longer

“Through our breastfeeding support workers and helper volunteers we hope to be able to provide the necessary support to local mums who wish to continue breastfeeding.”