CCTV Captures Ram Raid Of coventry Jewllers

CCTV has captured thieves ram raiding a jewellers in Coventry in a stolen Mercedes.

The car crashes through the plate glass shop front of Gem Jewellers in Foleshill before four masked men slipping on the polished floor smash and take jewellery from the display cabinets.

The footage has been given to Heart by detectives trying to solve the crime which took place at around 5.20pm on Thursday 29 January.

After completing the raid the thieves are believed to have used another car to escape in.

Speaking about the incident Detective Constable Lee Buckler from West Midlands police said: "This was an audacious raid carried out just as rush hour traffic will have been starting to build and there were lots of witnesses."
"The raiders were masked when they committed the crime, but having stolen hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of Indian gold jewellery, their new found wealth combined with their unique floor moves will undoubtedly give them away.
"Some may think this is was a victimless crime but I want people to be under no illusion,"
"These are dangerous and desperate men who threatened to shoot a man who was passing the store at the time they raided it.

"The driver of the getaway car also drove dangerously through the streets of Coventry to escape the scene. These men definitely deserve to be behind bars."
The owner of the shop was in the store at the time but wasn't hurt.