Charity Helps Search For Shropshire Man In Peru

Harry Greaves hasn't been since for a week after going walking in Peru.

A charity's told Heart they are doing what they can to support the family of Harry Greaves.

The 29-year-old went walking in the mountains on his own a week ago and hasn't returned.

The Lucie Blackman Trust helps families search for loved ones abroad and have a profile of Harry on their website. They say they're finding it hard to get the government of Peru to help.

A close-knit climbing community in the country may be the key to finding him.

Matt Searle is from The Lucie Blackman Trust:

Yesterday, Harry's sister Ellen spoke to Heart about what the family have been going through. You can read that here.

The Lucie Blackman Trust has said this morning that a local's come forward to say they've seen Harry after the date he was last seen by his family.

He went missing on April 7th but a spokesman for the charity says this person claims to have spotted him after that date.

He says: "Overnight we believe that there is a local who has sighted Harry more recently than the last sighting of him - he was heading towards Pisac.

"That is where the search effort is now being concentrated.''

Asked if the sighting had been confirmed, he said: "It is as confirmed as it can be. It was a local who came forward to friends over there and said this happened.''

The Lucie Blackman Trust said it is having a meeting with the family later today (Tuesday 19th) and will discuss the possibility of bringing in drones.