Counter Terror Film To Been Shown At West Midlands Cinemas

23 January 2019, 09:20 | Updated: 23 January 2019, 10:27

Anti-Terror Police

A short film showing the signs of suspicious terror-related activity launches in the West Midlands today.

The 60 second clip, which is based on real foiled plots, will be shown online and in some cinemas.


It comes as counter-terror police reveal the public has helped them stop 18 terror plots in the UK in the last two years, with around 700 active investigations.

Chief Superintendent Matt Ward is from the West Midlands Counter Terror Unit.

The head of counter terror policing in the UK has warned a no deal Brexit would be "very bad" for security and policing in the UK.

Neil Basu has told Heart his officers rely on European databases of biometrics and DNA, and co-operate closely with forces abroad to find and extradite suspects.