Daughter 'Appalled' By Carers' Sentence

The daughter of an elderly woman has told Heart she is appalled by the sentence given to two carers who neglected her mum.

40-year-old Sabrina Duncan and Benter Ouma, 31, have avoided jail for delaying an emergency call after Norah Boyle fell at a Birmingham nursing home. 

Norah, 85, died weeks later. 

The pair also lied about the fall at The Green Nursing Home in Kings Norton in 2013 but later admitted neglect in court. 

They have been sentenced to a 160-hour community order. 

Norah's daughter Ellen Boyle says she feels let down by the justice system. 

"I'm appalled that that's what they got for what happened to my mum, and what they didn't do.

"I'm appalled that my mother's life is only worth 12 months of a community order."

Detective Sergeant Victoria Lee, said: "This is a tragic case of abuse by trained members of staff who should have known better.

"Our investigation showed that not only did Duncan and Ouma neglect Mrs Boyle but they delayed calling an ambulance while they invented a cover story. And while they plotted Mrs Boyle laid in bed with a serious head injury, her head bleeding onto the pillow, until medical attention was sought some time later.

"We uncovered their lies, though, and they went on to admit wilful neglect; their conviction will be on police national computers and be flagged should they ever apply for care jobs in the future."