Donate a bra month

Women in the West Midlands are guilty of hoarding nearly £80 Million worth of bras that they don't wear. 

Research by charity Oxfam found that the average woman in the West Midlands has eight bras in her collection and never uses 2 of them.
With many of those surveyed confessing that they didn't know what to do with their unwanted bras, Oxfam is launching the ''Big Bra Hunt'', appealing to women to donate their forgotten bras to the charity. 

The new campaign, supported by Helen Mirren, Zoe Ball and Miquita Oliver, aims to collect one million bras over the month of April 2012.   
Many of these bras will be sold in Oxfam's UK shops to raise money for the charity's work worldwide. Others will be sent to an ethical second hand clothing project in Senegal, that sorts and trades unsold second hand clothes providing essential employment for disadvantaged women in the area. 

Bras are complex to manufacture so very few developing countries have the facilities to make their own. Therefore bras are one of the most desirable items in West African second hand clothing markets and make the most money for the local people. 

Helen Mirren, says: ''I had never thought to donate my bras to Oxfam. I'm sure many women have a number of bras stowed away left untouched for years. The Big Bra Hunt really highlights how every last item donated to Oxfam can be used in a truly unique way, making a real difference to people all around the world.''

Adrianna from Oxfam in Birmingham told Heart that ''things are tough at the moment with the current economic climate so if you want to do something for charity but don't have any spare cash - donate a bra intead as it will be just as useful as giving money''

For the month of April all Oxfam shops up and down the country will be appealing for bra donations. For other ways to donate please visit their website.