Expert At Twycross Zoo Says Cincinnati Zoo Staff Had Tough Decision To Make

31 May 2016, 17:15 | Updated: 31 May 2016, 17:37

After a Gorilla was shot and killed at the American zoo when a 4 year-old boy fell into the pen

An animal expert at Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire's told Heart that though it won't kill the animal, sometimes tranquilisers don't work at calming animals down.

It comes after a Gorilla was shot and killed at Cincinnati Zoo after getting hold of a 4 year-old boy who'd got into his pen.

In a video that has gone viral, the animal is seen dragging the young boy around shallow water.

Charlotte MacDonald can understand why the decision was made to shoot, but admits that it was a very tough decision to make.

The director of Cincinnati Zoo's has insisted the decision to kill a gorilla after a boy entered its enclosure was the right one.

Thane Maynard told a news conference that the four-year-old boy's life was in danger when he strayed into the moat at Gorilla World.

He acknowledged there were also critics of the zoo's decision, describing the situation as "very emotional".

"Not everyone shares the same opinion and that's OK,'' Mr Maynard said. ``But we all share the love for animals."

Earlier animal rights activists staged a vigil for Harambe at the zoo.

Anthony Seta, of Cincinnati, called the animal's death "a senseless tragedy", but said the purpose of the vigil was not to point fingers but to pay tribute to the gorilla, named Harambe.

"People can shout at the parents and people can shout at the zoo," Mr Seta said. "The fact is that a gorilla that just celebrated his birthday has been killed."

Meanwhile, an online petition set up campaigning for action against the parents of the young boy has reached more than 300,000 signatures.