Family Appeal For Help Finding Father's Body On Six Year Anniversary

31 July 2015, 17:08

The family of a father-of-three who was killed in Worcestershire in 2009 have appealed again for information to help locate his body.

In a statement on the sixth anniversary of the death of Jesse Richards, his mother, Lucy Richards, spoke of her pain at not knowing his final resting place.

Mr Richards, from Surrey, was killed in Cleeve Prior over a drugs debt on July 31 2009.

The 41-year-old was subjected to a sustained and brutal attack and his body is thought to have been taken to an area in Warwickshire by his attackers to be disposed of.

Inquiries into the killing resulted in three men being jailed in 2012 for manslaughter.

Urging those with knowledge of the offence to help the police find her son's remains, Mrs Richards said: ``I know nothing will bring my son back to me but I appeal to the public and ask they put themselves in my shoes.

``My son has been taken from me in the most violent way. Six years on and I still have not been able to lay his body to rest.

``I don't know where he is and the pain of not being able to visit his resting place is too much to bear.''

A £10,000 reward is still being offered for information which leads to the recovery of the victim's body.

Detective Superintendent Mark Loader, of West Mercia Police, said: ``The manner in which Jesse died was horrific and brutal and his family continue to suffer years after his death.

``I ask anyone who has any information to come forward to police and allow them the opportunity to say goodbye.''