Family Call For Answers After Man Died After Nuneaton Arrest

27 July 2017, 11:57 | Updated: 27 July 2017, 12:00

Darren Cumberbatch

The sister of a man who died after he was arrested in Nuneaton has told Heart she's scared her family will never find out what happened to him.

Darren Cumberbatch died in hospital 9 days after he was arrested by officers from Warwickshire Police earlier this month.

His family are campaigning to find out what happened and say they can't grieve without knowing why he died. Hundreds of people were at a public meeting in Coventry to support them last night.

Heart spoke to his sister Carla outside the meeting:

The policing watchdog, the IPCC, is investigating the circumstances around Darren's death and his contact with Warwickshire police. They're due to meet his family later this week.

A spokesperson said: "The IPCC was unaware of the police contact with Darren Cumberbatch on 10 July until a referral was received from Warwickshire Police following his death last Wednesday (19 July). The circumstances of the referral, whether there was any delay, and if so the reasons for that, will form part of our investigation.

"After starting an independent investigation we contacted the family to express our condolences and explain our role. Arrangements have been made to meet personally with family members later this week to discuss the early progress of our investigation."

Heart's been told a peaceful protest is being planned for this weekend: