Family Need 'Peace Of Mind' Over Missing Birmingham Woman

27 July 2014, 12:50 | Updated: 27 July 2014, 12:54

The family of a Birmingham woman who's missing for more than a week say they need peace of mind.

Eve Cullen, a mother of three from Hollywood, Birmingham, has not been seen since Thursday 17th July, 2014, when she was sighted leaving her home at approximately 2.30pm.

Eve, who is aged 52, would be a familiar face to many people in the Hollywood area as she regularly walked the family’s three greyhounds, which are brindle, black and white and black in colour. She also walked the dogs in the Bournville area of Birmingham.

Her husband Peter Cullen, aged 50, and their three children, a daughter aged 20 and 15-year-old twins – a son and daughter, have issued the following statement:

“If anyone has any information we would urge them to please let the police know. Even if it doesn’t seem significant, it might be and the police will be able to check it out.

“We just want information. We are looking for peace of mind. Things start going through your mind. It’s just terrible.

“A lot of people know Eve in the Hollywood area; even if they don’t know her name, they certainly know her face. She is normally with a couple of greyhounds.”

The family also appealed directly to Eve, continuing: “Please get in touch with us. We are all here waiting and we just want to hear from you and know that you are safe and well.”

A thorough search enquiry was launched by West Mercia Police as soon as Eve was reported missing from her home.

There has been one unconfirmed sighting in the Kings Norton business park area of Birmingham, and officers are making enquiries in relation to this.

Eve is described as 5’9’’ tall, medium build with brown collar length hair and glasses. When she was last seen she was wearing a mustard t-shirt, green three quarter length trousers and white trainers.

Superintendent for North Worcestershire, Kevin Purcell said: “There is no evidence to suggest that Eve has come to any harm, but we would like to see her to ensure she is safe and well, she can do this by walking into any police station in the country or by phoning the non-emergency police number 101.”