Family Of Stafford Man Pay Tribute After 'Not Guilty' Results

3 August 2016, 12:46 | Updated: 3 August 2016, 12:50

The family of a Stafford man who died after being punched on a night out have released a statement after 4 people were found 'not guilty' of manslaughter

The family of a man who died after being punched in Stafford, say they feel let down by the justice system after 4 people were found not guilty of their son's manslaughter.

35 year-old Carl Tindall was found lying in Cull Avenue in August last year and died later in hospital.

His family have also thanked the police for their support.

“Nothing will bring Carl back to us and no verdict would ever help us as a family.

“We were in court throughout the trial and have heard all of the evidence of the events of that tragic night.

“We have watched the last few moments of Carl’s life on the CCTV evidence that showed Carl walking normally through Stafford and outside the address where it took place.

“Within the trial there was no dispute that Carl was punched twice causing him to fall and hit his head, the 3 medical experts that gave evidence believed that Carl became unconscious immediately after the trauma to his head, and that he sustained such serious head injuries, that the probability of Carl regaining any lucidity at any time was very slim.

“We are in disbelief of the actions that took place after the assault, any decent human being would have dialed a simple 3 digit number to gain medical assistance for a injured person, but these people took the decision not to do this simple normal procedure and instead put Carl into a car and remove him from the scene and leave him on a path in a side street to die, alone and cold, like an animal. Although it was stated that Carl became angry in the car there was no evidence of this produced and the only evidence that was put forward was from the medical experts which stated that with the heavy snoring Carl was heard to be doing, which one of the defendants described, that this was a sign that Carl was in a heavy state of unconsciousness and that it was highly unlikely with the kind of injuries he had sustained that he could have gained any kind of conscious periods. Our family is haunted every minute that our beloved Carl was left in this way and these nightmares will never leave us.

“We sat in court and heard the numerous accounts the four defendants made to the police and each one differed from the one before and each others. They chose not to take the stand and swear under oath to tell their accounts or answer questions about that night. We as a family only seek the truth about Carl’s death so we can have some sort of closure and we have to believe that one day the truth will be told.

“There seems so many criminal offences took place that night and our family are in shock that nobody has been held accountable for the death of Carl or any other offence, there was no dispute that the four defendants were all in the house and that Carl was unlawfully killed by a person within the address. We feel as a family that our justice system has let us down and that a Jury should be provided all of the evidence to allow them to make a judgement.  We will do everything we can and will not rest until we get justice for Carl.

“We will never forget Carl. He was an amazing son, brother, and uncle and is dearly loved and missed.

“Carl was extremely popular and is missed not only by us but by his incredibly wide circle of friends. He touched so many lives with his kindness and infectious sense of humour and was loved by everyone.

“We would like to thank all of Carl’s friends for the wonderful support they have given us and the hundreds of the lovely kind messages we have received.

“We would also like to thank the police for everything they have done for us and the support they have provided.

“Carl was a person that lived life to the full, and everyone that came in contact with him knew what a kind, loving person he was, his memory will always live on through a charity football match, which will be held each year. Hundreds of people turned out to the first one held in May and over £3500 was raised for charity, this speaks louder than any words, of the kind of person Carl Tindall really was.”