Former West Mids Anorexic Speaks Out Over Brain Probe Treatment

9 April 2015, 06:46 | Updated: 9 April 2015, 08:35

After Heart told you an anorexia sufferer had electrodes placed into her brain in a bid to cure the disease, a former sufferer from Solihull has been giving us her views.

Annabelle Harris, 26, says it's always good to have more hope when it comes to how to tackle the problem.

She was just ten when her eating disorder began - and recovered six years ago.

Electric impulses are designed to change the way the patient feels about food - helping them to eat more.

Annabelle said: "Other people might be more keen to try it - especially when other things haven't worked so well."

She added that the new technique - whereby electric wires are inserted into the brain are proven to work.

"Similar techniques have been used to tackle other mental health disorders, hope is there."

It was revealed last week that a British woman had electrodes placed deep inside her brain in an experimental operation to help cure her of anorexia.

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