Heart Report: Police Raids In Black Country

30 April 2015, 08:19 | Updated: 30 April 2015, 08:39

Heart has been out with police this morning (Thursday) - who have raided the homes of suspected football hooligans in the Black Country.

Three people have been arrested in Wolverhampton and Dudley over disorder that broke out at a Birmingham City and Wolverhampton match earlier this month.

Sergeant Mick Wilkinson is from West Midlands Police.

He said: "There was disorder between the two rival groups of supporters and this is as a result of an ongoing investigation where we've identified people involved in that disorder."

12 suspects have been identified in total and it's hoped the operation this morning will make future games match safer. 

The three arrests made so far this morning brings the total up to ten following the derby game.

West Midlands Police say they're also seeking Football banning orders for those they arrest.