"Heartfelt Plea" From Birmingham Mum After Son Attacked

15 May 2015, 08:05 | Updated: 15 May 2015, 08:18

A Birmingham mum's told Heart she wants the people who attacked her son on a New Year's night out to hand themselves in.

Jason Webb - who's 28 - was kicked in the head repeatedly in Kings Heath in the early hours of New Year's Day - and is still in hospital.

His mum says he's been left brain damaged.

Anita Larden, has directly appealed for those who know who is responsible for beating her son to do the right thing and contact police.

She said: “Jason has been left brain damaged following the attack. After he was beaten, he was left lying in the road for seven hours before being found and medical help was called. The people who did this know who they are and there are people who have information. They need to do the right thing and contact police with information- I would never want anyone to suffer the way Jason has."

Police enquiries are on-going into the assault and a number of people have been arrested, but to date, no-one is charged in connection with the attack.

Jason’s family hope that an appeal will prompt people to come forward to police with new information.

DS Indi Basra from Force CID, who is investigating the incident, said: “This was a vicious attack carried out on Jason, he has been left with severe life changing injuries. Jason remains in a rehabilitation hospital and needs constant care. After he was beaten he sustained numerous bleeds to the brain, cuts to the head and face, which required stitches and a broken arm and nose. The level of violence used on him was unnecessary and has changed his life completely."

There have been extensive enquiries but we need people to come forward and tell us exactly what happened that night. We believe he was attacked in the street and left there. Jason was found by passers-by the next morning around 8am. We know people are aware of this incident but do not want to get involved, however I am appealing for people to act on their consciences and come forward."

Anita added: “Jason was a sociable, fun-loving man, who enjoyed playing practical jokes and seeing his mates. He also was very close to his young niece and nephew. This violent attack has left his family heartbroken and I would appeal for anyone with information to call police."