Seven Year-Old Boy Protects Mum From Balsall Heath Robbers

24 June 2015, 09:10 | Updated: 24 June 2015, 10:12

West Midlands Police believe the actions of a 7 year-old boy stopped a gang stealing jewellery when they broke into his home in Birmingham.

Seven men burst into the house in Balsall Heath with guns and knives in October last year.

Muhammed Ali's been given a bravery award for the action he took to protect his mum.

He told Heart: "I wasn't scared, because the weapons were scary, but I thought they won't even shoot anything"


"These robbers were very mad with the gold and I felt a bit worried for my mum to die so I stood up.

"I was talking to them and I said leave my mum."

"They had one of these small little guns and one big knife."

Muhammed's mum says she still can't believe what he did.

She told Heart: "Nobody can help us he tried to manage us you know just keep his brother with him just hug me and he tried to protect us."

"Then he said leave leave don't touch my mummy and he pushed back he was standing on the bed.

"He said ...don't touch my mummy, don't come in again, please come on the road, they run away."