High Rise Training Exercise By Fire Service In Staffordshire

30 June 2017, 17:09 | Updated: 30 June 2017, 17:24

Staffordshire Fire High Rise Training Tamworth

Staffordshire Fire & Rescue service have carried out a training exercise at a high rise block of flats

They were joined at Stanhope House in Tamworth by members of West Midlands Ambulance and Staffordshire Police.

Heart's told the major incident training exercise had been planned for months, and was not a retaliation to the recent Grenfell tower fire in London.

The incident was staged on the roof of the building, which was 15 floors high. It tested the firefighter’s ability to quickly reach the fire and operate the dry riser system within the building. This is a pipe system which allows water to be pumped to where it is needed and connected to a hose.

The incident commander, Station Manager Martin Weaver, instructed the crew manager to set-up a bridgehead two floors below the incident. This area was used to prepare crews with breathing apparatus before they approached the roof.

Heart spoke to Toby Wilson from the service after the team had had a de-brief.