Man Arrested After Hostage Situation At Birmingham Mental Health Charity

19 August 2015, 20:29 | Updated: 20 August 2015, 07:51

A man's been arrested after two women were held hostage at a mental health charity in Birmingham.

Police have arrested a man after he held two women hostage at a charity in Birmingham

The man entered Bita Pathways in Digbeth just after 3pm yesterday afternoon. A force spokesperson told Heart the man locked himself into the charity offices private area with two members of staff for over 4 hours, although at the time it was unclear whether or not he had a weapon.

It's not thought to have been pre-meditated and the man was not armed before he entered the building. Police cordoned off the area and local buildings were evacuated while a force negotiator attempted to bring the incident to a peaceful conclusion.

One woman was released just after 7.30pm followed by the other just after 8pm. Both women are being supported after their ordeal. The man was unconnected to the chairty and it's not clear what his motives were. 

David Barnes lives nearby and told Heart he had been walking home from work when he'd seen armed police. He said: "Someone told me they'd seen a man go into the BITa Pathways mental health charity with a gun. 

"Then I saw two police vans and cars and a number of armed police. Some had axes, and others had tasers."