Inmates Threw Missiles During Birmingham Jail Riot

12 January 2017, 07:53

HMP Birmingham riot

Details have started to emerge about what happened in Birmingham prison during a 12 hour riot.

More than £2million worth of damage was done to the Winson Green jail before Christmas.

Now it's been revealed inmates used a kitchen trolley to smash their way through chained and padlocked doors and fires were started.

It's been dubbed the worst trouble since the infamous 1990 Strangeways Prison riot as it lead to more than 500 prisoners being moved out.

Sources say the trouble first began when prisoners from N wing were being unlocked from their cells, with six jumping straight onto the netting and making threats to take a guard with them.

It is understood the situation then escalated quickly, with prisoners proceeding to destroy the prison interior.

Guards were sprayed with water from fire hoses, which inmates had gained control of, sources have said.

Sources say that as staff withdrew, one officer tried to get another chain on a gate, with prisoners running towards them saying they "better get them on quick''.

It is understood that for around an hour and a half, a group of 16 officers guarded that gate until national resources arrived, stopping the prisoners getting out into the rest of the prison.

During this time, fires were started, the gate was rammed with the trolley, and staff were pelted with missiles and paint.

Sources have also said 168 officers in specialist Tornado teams swept through the jail at around 8.30pm and within 35 minutes had the prison secured.

It is understood that on the day of the disorder inmate capacity was 1,475 but, due to the damage, this has been reduced to 919.