It's Broomsticks At The Ready As Quidditch Comes To Brum

4 August 2018, 11:40


The Harry Potter inspired sport is getting competitive in Birmingham this weekend.

Heart's been hearing how the Quidditch Premier League, which is coming to Birmingham this weekend, is geared to being inclusive so that anyone can play.

There are 20,000 players that take part in Quidditch around the world, a sport which originates from the U.S - of course inspired by Harry Potter. 

Players use broomsticks like the characters of the much loved film-series but sadly there's no flying. 

James Burnett who's the Captain of the West Midlands Revolution said: "It's very competitive and there are a lot of elements to it. 

"It's not a simple sport, so you can take it seriously in a competitive and an athletic sense."



The West Midlands Revolution will behoping to defend their title as champions of the Premier League tournament on Saturday afternoon. 

Four other regional teams will also be playing for the top spot at the Tally Ho in Birmingham.