Man In Court Over Birmingham Shed Murder

30 May 2015, 08:50

A 20-year-old's due in court today charged with the murder of a Birmingham man, whose body was found in a Bordesley Green shed last week.

Akbar Khan who's from the area's Carlton Road was arrested yesterday afternoon. (Friday)

Zafran’s body was discovered at around 11.30pm on May 22 by officers conducting a missing person’s inquiry.

He had been missing for one day and died as a result of multiple stab wounds.  
Investigators had appealed for sightings of a white Toyota Yaris as part of the investigation and say they now have all the information they need about the vehicle. 
News of the charge comes as the family of Zafran, released a touching tribute to the 34-year-old.


"Words cannot express the shock, grief and difficulty that our family has had to endure on the horrific news of the death of Zafran and the family are still coming to terms with it.  
"While the circumstances were beyond comprehension, we will choose to remember him for what he meant to us all.
"First and foremost, Zafran was a man whose life revolved around his family. Nothing mattered more to him than doing right by them. He was a loving son and best friend to his parents, a beloved brother and dedicated husband.  
"And while he never enjoyed the pleasure of becoming a father, his example as an uncle was one that his nieces and nephews looked up to, admired, respected and loved. They have taken his death particularly hard. 
"But it was through his devotion to his family, that they too have embraced his values and as a result, his passing has brought us all closer together.

"He dedicated his life to meeting the needs of those who depended on him, and he worked tirelessly to make sure their needs were met.

"He was able to bring people together whether it was through his sense of humour, his happy disposition, or his kindness and compassion when he met with the needs of others. He had a way of injecting life, energy and joy into any gathering, whether with friends, or in the more intimate moments with his family.

"We have every confidence that, in the fullness of time, whoever killed him will be brought to justice and the healing can begin. An event like this cannot be wished on anyone and those responsible are the most reprehensible of all human beings.

"We thank Allah that, while he was taken too son from us, he shared with us a full life that was unjustly taken from us in a heartbeat. His irreplaceable soul had been extinguished from our lives.

"He will be deeply missed by everyone who knew and loved him and he will never be forgotten by any of us."
Zafran was from the Yardley area of Birmingham.
Men aged 28, 23 and 24, women aged 19, 25 and 50 and a 15-year-old boy remain on police bail in connection with the on-going investigation.