Most Parents Can't Spot the Signs of Type 1 Diabetes

Most parents dont know how to spot the signs of Type 1 diabetes, according to new research from Diabetes UK. 

They charity say 9 out of 10 parents dont realise that the main 4 symptoms include: 

- Unexplained weight loss 

- Excessive thirst 

- Frequently urinating 

- Extreme tiredness 

Every year around 500 of the 2000 children in the UK who are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes become seriouly ill before the condition is spotted. That is why Diabetes UK are launching a campaign to try and educate more people about the condition. 

Barbara Young, Chief Executive for Diabetes UK, said: ''The symptoms of Type 1 diabetes are so obvious and pronounced that there is no reason why every child with the condition cannot be diagnosed straight away. But the stark reality is that a quarter of children with Type 1 diabetes become seriously unwell before being diagnosed and we need to bring this appalling situation to an end. I fear that unless there is a big increase in awareness of symptoms, we will continue to see hundreds of children a year become seriously ill completely needlessly.'' 

If you have any concerns about diabetes you can contact the Diabetes UK Careline on 0845 120 2960.

Click here for the charities website.