Mum Of Toddler Hit & Killed By Elderly Driver Backs Eyesight Campaign

12 September 2018, 07:18 | Updated: 12 September 2018, 07:46

Poppy Arabella Clarke Rachel Clarke Sutton Coldfie

The mother of a three year-old girl, killed after being hit by an elderly driver in Sutton Coldfield, has told Heart the grief never gets easier.

Poppy-Arabella Clarke was walking to nursery with her mum Rachel in July 2016, when the pair were hit by John Place as they crossed the Chester Road; he'd driven through a red light.

Place had been told he was unsafe to drive yet continued to do so and was jailed for four years in 2017.

Two years on, Rachel says Poppy would have loved starting school this week.

Rachel now wants doctors to tell the DVLA about patients with poor eyesight - to prevent other deaths.

She's also backing a campaign by West Midlands Police. During September they are testing the eyesight of all drivers they pull over to make sure they can read a car reg from 20 metres away. If they can't, drivers will have their licence taken away immediately.