Heart Investigates New Legal High Laws

A ban on so-called legal highs came into force this morning (Thursday 26th May) and Heart's been looking at the impact of the drugs and the new law.

Heart's been told the law won't guarantee a reduction in supply.

Use of things known as Spice, Black Mamba and laughing gas have already been linked to a number of deaths.

Police now have the power to shut down shops selling them - and there are tougher sentences of up to seven years for offenders.

Heart's been speaking to 42 year old Simon who was addicted to legal highs for 2 years.

He now volunteers at a drug recovery charity called SUIT in Wolverhampton and says he wouldn't wish the side effects on anyone:

 Sunny Dhadley who runs recovery service SUIT in Wolverhampton says he's not sure what impact this law will have on users.

A paramedic for West Midlands Ambulance Service has told Heart he hopes people still contact them if they're in trouble despite the ban.

Although he hopes pressures are eased on the services, Mike Duggan's worried people won't want to call because of the "illegal" status. He says the demand for treatment after things like overdoses or a bad batch has risen.