Police Face Action Over Georgia Williams Murderer

6 February 2015, 10:02

Eight police officers are facing possible misconduct action over their handling of a sexual deviant from Shropshire later jailed for murdering a 17-year-old girl.

Jamie Reynolds is serving a life term for the killing of Georgia Williams in May 2013 after luring the girl to his home with the promise of a photo-shoot.

However, it emerged during his court appearance that Reynolds, of Wellington, had been cautioned by West Mercia Police officers over a similar attack in 2008.

That prompted an independent investigation in to all previous contact by West Mercia officers with Reynolds at the request of the force, to be carried out by Devon and Cornwall Police.

As a result of its work, Devon and Cornwall said it had to date served misconduct notices to a total of eight officers and a police staff member, although nobody has been suspended.

A final report is to be published in the spring.

A spokesman said: "The investigation by Devon and Cornwall Police continues, and on 3 February 2015, officers served a misconduct notice in relation to professional standards on a West Mercia Police officer.

"A total of eight police officers and one member of police staff from West Mercia Police have now been served with misconduct notices in relation to the ongoing enquiry by Devon and Cornwall Police.

"All of the complainants are being supported and regularly informed of the progress of the investigation.

"We continue to carry out a thorough investigation with a view to presenting a final report to West Mercia Police in the spring.''

West Mercia Police is carrying out its own lessons-learned serious case review in to the Reynolds case, following the offence in 2008 in which he attempted to strangle another girl at his home.

Meanwhile, Reynolds has been told he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

At his sentencing hearing in December 2013, the judge told him he had plotted the killing for his "sadistic pleasure'' and "had the potential to progressing to become a serial killer''.

The body of Ms WIlliams, a bright college student and the daughter of a serving West Mercia Police detective, was found dumped in woodland in Nant-y-Garth pass, near Wrexham, following a huge search.

Officers tracked Reynolds down after he fled north to Glasgow, arresting him in a budget hotel on May 29 2013 before later charging him with murder.