Police Presents For Birmingham Family Burgled Before Christmas

30 December 2018, 08:26 | Updated: 30 December 2018, 08:31

Christmas presents

A single mum from Birmingham, who was burgled 4 days before Christmas, has had toys donated by West Midlands Police.

It's after the 36 year old, who had a four year old son, had presents and food stolen from her home in Hall Green.

PCSO Levani Lagidze, from Hall Green Neighbourhood, said: "We heard about what had happened to the family and we all just thought how 

awful it must be for them not to receive any presents on Christmas Day.

"We had some left over money from our tuck shop fund, so decided to donate the money to get them some presents to cheer them up.

"Although it will not replace the gifts that were stolen, we hoped it would bring some happiness to them."

About the donation, the mum from Birmingham says she was overwhelmed by the support and very touched by the gifts and thanked the police

 for letting her son sit in the police car with flashing lights on.

(Image: PA)