Police Search Garden In Sutton Coldfield Over Disappearance Of London Estate Agent

30 October 2018, 07:55 | Updated: 31 October 2018, 06:06

Suzy Lamplugh Sutton Coldfield missing woman West

Police investigating the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh 32 years ago have started searching a property in Sutton Coldfield.

No one has ever been convicted of the 25 year-old's death, but she was confirmed dead in 1994 and presumed murdered. 

The Metropolitan Police on Tuesday were leading the search at a Birmingham semi previously belonging to John Cannan's mother.

The convicted killer, who is currently in jail for rape and murder, was named as the prime suspect by police in 2002 and her death has remained one of the UK's most notorious cold cases.

Miss Lamplugh's brother Richard said he hoped her body would be found at the property in Sutton Coldfield so the family could have a "proper goodbye".

"It has been a long time and we have had our expectations raised before but it would nice if we could finally have some closure," he told the Mail Online.

He has been questioned several times over Miss Lamplugh's death, but always denied the allegation. On the day of her disappearance all those years ago in 1986, witnesses reported seeing her argue with a man outside a property in Shorrold Road in Fulham. 

Her white Ford Fiesta was later found a mile-and-a-half away. 

Heart's Josh Giltrap has been at the scene of the searches in Sutton Coldfield.

As detectives search a house in Sutton Coldfield, the force is emphasising that the current owners of the property are not connected to the investigation.