Rape Victim's Life Saved By Birmingham Charity

6 March 2015, 13:09 | Updated: 6 March 2015, 13:17

A woman who was raped whilst a child says she's only alive because of a project in Birmingham.

Speaking to us under the name of Daisy she told Heart she was abused between the ages of three and 15.

No one was ever convicted but Daisy who's now 40 told us she's been able to move on through the support she's received from the Rape and Sexual Violence Project in Birmingham.

"It gives you some closure, it gives you I wouldn't say the ammunition to fight back, but it helps me to know that it's not a secret anymore and he didn't have that control over me anymore it just really helps me move on.

"Abuse started when I was about three years old and went on until I was 15.

"I was initially abused by my godfather and other people that he knew.

"It was like a peadophile ring they abused me and took turns to have sex with me.

She explained the project has been vital for her though.

"They just gave me the confidence to move on I think without this organisation I would be in a completely different place to what I am now.

"I don't even think I'd be here, I think I'd be dead, I think I'd have committed suicide a long time ago."

Angela Darcy from the project says they help people no matter what their situation is.

"We can certainly hold their hands so to speak right through the whole of the criminal justice system right from reporting all the way through court and there after to support them whatever the verdict is."

"It's not about them not being believed it's not that nobody understands what they've been through it's just that sometimes unfortunately there might be a lack of evidence or that unfortunately there just isn't enough to go to court in the first place.