Reports Armed Man Holds Hostages At Nuneaton Bowling Alley

22 October 2017, 16:05 | Updated: 22 October 2017, 16:53

Nuneaton Bermuda Park

There are unconfirmed reports an armed man has taken hostages at a bowling alley in Nuneaton.

It's reported MFA Bowl at Bermuda Park, in St David's Way is on lockdown as a man armed with a sawn-off shotgun takes hostages

Warwickshire Police have said they are dealing with an "ongoing incident".

All roads in the area have been blocked. Officers are asking people to avoid the area.

A staff member in the retail park, which includes a cinema, restaurants, Holiday Inn and fitness centre, said: "We are on lockdown".

Unconfirmed reports on social media said armed officers were dealing with a man who had taken hostages inside the bowling alley there.

Witness Sarah Fleming said a police officer confirmed to her that an armed man was holding hostages at MFA Bowl.

She told Sky News: "We got notification that someone had a shotgun inside the bowling alley.

"We were inside Frankie and Benny's and obviously we went on lockdown, no-one was allowed in or out.

"Then we had notification from the police that he actually had hostages.

"Everyone has been a bit up in the air, don't know what's going on and obviously there is a lot of children in here as well which has been quite an experience for them.

"So everyone is a little bit scared at the minute."

The restaurant was put on lockdown after a manager went to the nearby cinema, where staff confirmed the situation, she added. 

Nuneaton MP Marcus Jones told Sky News: "It is a situation where I think we need to let the police do their job and I think this is an extremely concerning situation.

"But I have every confidence that Warwickshire Police are capable and are able to deal with what looks like a very difficult situation."