Tamworth Man Jailed For 'Brutal' Murder

Iain Montgomery from Tamworth has been jailed for killing his wife 50-year-old Tina Montgomery.

The 39-year-old lorry driver will serve a minimum of 14 years for the brutal murder which took place at the couple's home in January. 

Montgomery called 999 to say he had come home and found his wife dead, but a camera on his dashboard had recorded him throwing a rolling pin he had used to attack her into a field. 

He had also used a kettle, a knife, and another bladed object. 

Sentencing him, the judge said it was a "brutal, prolonged attack'', which had been triggered by "an extreme and violent explosion of temper''. 

Tina's family including her mother and two adult children from a previous relationship were in court. 

Detective Inspector Andy Maxfield, of Staffordshire Police’s major Crime Investigation Department said: ''We welcome today's sentence. Montgomery took the life of his own wife and he will have to live with that fact.

"He went to some lengths to conceal the murder weapon and to try to convince people his wife was still alive at the time he left for work. He tried to cover up his actions but his story soon unravelled and the evidence against him was overwhelming. He was forced to plead guilty." 

"This was a violent crime which resulted in a wife and mother’s life being taken in dreadful circumstances and he is being made to pay for it."