The Tunisia Attack: One Year On

26 June 2016, 06:00 | Updated: 27 June 2016, 13:12

A year on from the Tunisia attacks we have been speaking to some of the victims friends and family about what happened.

Sunday 26th June marks a year since a terror attack in Tunisia where 38 people were killed five from the West Midlands. 

Three members of the same Black Country family lost their lives that day. Charles Evans (known as Patrick) died alongside his son, Adrian Evans, 49 and his grandson Joel Richards, 19.

Joel was a student at Worcester University as well as a referee. A fund called 'Smile for Joel' was set up in his memory which aims to help support families who are victims of murder and terrorism. 

Joel's mum Susie set up #SmileForJoel in his memory and now Cheryl Stollery - whose husband John was also killed - has showed her support by raising money for the campaign herself.

Adrian Evans worked for Sandwell Council as a manager in the gas services department. We spoke to some of his colleagues who have paid tribute to him:

His staff Michelle Dawes and Mohammed Taj told Heart what Adrian was like to work with and how sorry they feel for the family he leaves behind: 

Sue Davey and Conor FulfordSue Davey, 43, from Tamworth died alongside partner Scott Chalkley from Derby were also shot at the holiday resort. The couple met whilst working at Severn Trent Water. 

The Islamist attack targeted the holiday resort of Port El Kantaoui, just north of the busy tourist area of Sousse. 

Seifiddine Rezgui Yacoubi mixed in with holidaymakers on the beach of the Riu Imperial Marhaba Hotel before he pulled out a Kalashnikov assault rifle and fired continuously at tourists on holiday killing 38 including 30 from Britain and five from the West Midlands. 

39 others were left wounded after the attacks. Yacoubi was shot dead at the scene by security at the hotel.