Traffic Jams In Birmingham Getting Worse

31 March 2015, 07:12 | Updated: 31 March 2015, 08:08

Traffic Jams are getting worse in Birmingham - according to a new study.

Tom Tom has found journeys in cities last year took nealy 30 per cent longer - than they would in free flowing traffic - which is an increase on the year before.

As well as Birmingham, congestion levels got worse in 13 major cities.

The worst city for jams was Belfast, with average journeys taking 39 per cent longer than in free-flowing traffic, with evening rush-hour journeys taking as much as 82 per cent longer.

TomTom said that in 2014 a typical UK city commuter with a 30-minute drive home spent an extra 66 hours stuck in traffic than they would have done on a free-flowing road.

Added to the 63 hours stuck in morning traffic, that amounted to 129 hours wasted in a year.

Worldwide, the worst city was Istanbul, with average journeys taking 58 per cent longer than in free-flowing conditions, rising to as high as 109% in the evening peak.