West Midlands "Mad Dog" Gun Supplier Jailed

6 September 2018, 07:42 | Updated: 6 September 2018, 07:48

Carlington Grant Mad Dog Wolverhampton gun supplie

A man from Wolverhampton has been jailed for supplying guns to gangs in the West Midlands.

Police have brought down a gang importing blank-firing pistols and converting them into deadly weapons, and secured a 26-year jail term for the ringleader known as ‘Mad Dog’. 

Carlington Grant, from Johnson Street in Wolverhampton, was the head of a firearms supply network which saw harmless handguns brought into the UK from France before being transformed into viable firearms. 


Grant - aka "Mad Dog" - and his partner Khiana Lewis funded the purchase of 43 pistols plus 1,160 blank cartridges from a firm based in Calais before selling them on to criminals in their converted state. 

Following a 21-day trial at Birmingham Crown Court last month a jury found Grant, Lewis - from Columbus Gardens in Brierley Hill - and 30-year-old Dornan guilty of conspiring to sell prohibited weapons and ammunition. 

Experts from NABIS - which assists UK police forces with gun crime investigations - helped on the case. 

Chief Scientist Martin Parker, said: “One of our experts gave evidence during this court case and we are aware of the conversion method used in relation to the firearms and ammunition. We will be notifying West Midlands Police of any future recoveries."