West Midlands MPs Tell Heart How They Plan To Vote On Syria Airstrikes

1 December 2015, 22:00 | Updated: 1 December 2015, 22:14

Heart has been asking MPs in the West Midlands how they intend to vote after the debate on extending airstrikes on IS to Syria.

Coventry MP Colleen Fletcher spoke to Heart and said she would listen to the full debate before making a decision:

 “I will consider thoroughly the evidence that the Government puts forward to the House of Commons to justify any proposed action.  In the meantime, I will continue to talk with my colleagues and others, and listen carefully to the views and opinions of my constituents before making a decision on this critically important matter.
“Serious decisions such as these should not be taken lightly and we must consider carefully the consequences of action or inaction for Syria, for the wider region and for our own country.”

Rob Marris, an MP in Wolverhampton said he was still not convinced of the government's arguments.

"I remain undecided about UK military action in Syria, and I await the government's clear proposals.
"I want to see the defeat of both Daesh and the Assad regime.   Military action thus far against Daesh has not only prevented its further expansion, but led to some welcome contraction.
"What is needed is a strategy which will lead to a better life for the peoples of Syria and Iraq, and to make UK safer.  Both goals require the defeat of Daesh.  Some suggest that UK military action in Syria is likely to make matters even worse and a political solution to the Syrian civil war more remote.  I have to say that I find it hard to contemplate how matters could be any worse, nor a political solution any more remote.
"Without military action in the region now against Daesh, there is no prospect whatsoever of a political solution.  Daesh are fanatics who wish to retain and expand their barbarous regime.  Hence I support the current bombing of Daesh in Iraq, a mission being carried out with the full support of the sovereign government of Iraq."

North Warwickshire MP Craig Tracey said he'd be listen to all of the debate before deciding:

Richard Burden, the Birmingham Northfield MP said he needed more answers about the government's plans and has written to the Prime Minister:


Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher told Heart he backs airstrikes against IS being extended to Syria: