West Midlands People At Risk Of Facebook Burglaries

People in the West Midlands who post online that they're on holiday are effectively leaving the keys on the mat for burglars this summer.

Police are warning that even telling people you're at the airport - is making you a target.

The study, by home security company Safe Shop, also found:

  • Men are more likely to post photos or tag into locations when out of the house
  • Nightclubs (35%) and cinemas (25%) are also popular for people tagging in on social media
  • Curiously 15% of people say they tag themselves as being at home on social media

Sergeant Andy Gregory from West Midlands Police told Heart: "I dealt with a case a couple of years ago when a farm got broken into and a number of motorbikes got stolen.

"That was partly down to the fact that the children of the house had posted on social media that they were going down south to get a new dog and when they got back they found their property had been burgled."