West Midlands police still looking for 145 riot susepcts

West Midlands police say they're still looking for 145 people who were involved in the Birmingham riots a year ago.

Over 770 people have already been arrested, but officers say they won't rest till all those responsible are in custody.

In the wake of the violence big screens were placed around the city displaying CCTV pictures of people it's thought were involved.

Assistant Chief Constable Gary Forsyth has been telling Heart 'If any of these people think they've got away with it, let me tell them they haven't. They might want to hand themselves in, because they've been looking over their shoulder for 12 months wondering if that's us walking down the street behind them. Is that us knocking on the door, is that us knocking the door down at 5 o clock in the morning.

'I'd encourage them to hand themselves in and face up to the consequences of what they did a year ago.'

You can check out a gallery of riot suspects BY CLICKING HERE and see Gary Forsyth's memories of the riots in the video below.