Worcester Men Sentenced For Sexually Exploiting Teenage Girl

5 October 2018, 07:48 | Updated: 5 October 2018, 08:44

Worcester sexually exploitation

Two men from Worcester have been sentenced to 19 years for sexually exploiting a teenage girl in 2016.

28 year-old Kulin Odedra from Canterbury Road, Ronkswood, Worcester was found guilty of two counts of rape, one attempted rape, and one of assault by penetration. He will serve a total of 11 and a half years.

Kulin Odedra

20 year-old Bradley Tout from Durham Road, Ronkswood, Worcester was tried and convicted for a single count of rape. He absconded from court this week but was sentenced in his absence to seven and a half years in prison. Police are still trying to track him down.

Bradley Tout

Detective Sergeant Jim Hopkins said: "We hope these convictions demonstrate our commitment to vulnerable individuals and those victims of such crime as child sexual exploitation, which can so often be masked by the victims being groomed to believe they are in a loving relationship with the perpetrator, while abuse takes place often over an extended period of time prior to coming to the attention of police.
"These offences have a huge impact on victims not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

"The victim in this case has shown amazing resilience and bravery both reporting this to the Police but giving evidence against all three defendants in court and being subject to cross examination.
"We have specially trained officers working across West Mercia Police who will do everything possible to safeguard those who are vulnerable."