Worcestershire Mum's Relief Over Three Parent Babies

25 February 2015, 17:15 | Updated: 25 February 2015, 17:21

A Worcestershire mum has told Heart she is relieved that three parent babies have been legalised and that it will allow families to have healthy children.

Peers in the House of Lords voted 280 to 48 last night to allow the creation of IVF babies using the DNA from three people to combat the life-limiting mitrochondial disease. 

It means the UK is now the first country in the world to do so. 

Julie Vlachos, from Pershore, lost one child to the condition, and has two others suffering from it. 

She told Heart it meant that families in future will be able to have a healthy child without the worry of the disease. "For ourselves as a family, it is a little too late. We are a little bit too old, because the process has to be done through IVF, so it is unlilkely we would be young enough to go through the process. 

"But for families like us, it will allow them to have a healthy child that is genetically their own, but can totally rule out the disease for generations to come. 

"That's the main thing, you're not giving birth to child for them to die." 

Research has shown it could help 2,500 women of reproductive age in the UK who are at risk of transmitting harmful DNA mutations to their babies. Opponents though, including church leaders and pro-life groups, have warned it could mark the start of designer babies.