Life Changing News - 6 Steps To Avoid 'Read' Messages On WhatsApp


Whether you're messaging your friends, some family members of even in a group chat with colleagues at work then you need to hear about the new way to avoid the annoying 'read messages' ticks.

This is how the WhatsApp ticks work - One tick means the message was delivered and a double blue tick shows the message has been read and that instantly means you have to reply, or it looks like you're ignoring the person.

ticks on whatsapp

But never fear, Ed James is here to save any awkward moments and drama by using a trick that stops the blue ticks appearing.

Next time you receive a notification of a WhatsApp message, and it's from your boss who's asking you to put those extra few hours in, or do some extra work from home then remember this simple trick

How To Avoid The Blue Ticks 

When you receive notification of a new WhatsApp message don't open the app.

Go to Settings and enable Airplane Mode, or Flight Mode. 

Once enabled, open WhatsApp and read the message. 

Double click the home button and close the app while still in Airplane Mode.

Turn Airplane Mode off. 

The ticks will remain grey until the app is opened and synced online again.  

Listen to how excited Ed was on Heart Breakfast by this ground breaking news.