Best And Worst Jobs In A Heatwave

Heatwave. That word either brings a huge smile... or a huge amount of dread. But with the mercury set to rise in the midlands, what would be the best and worst things you could be dong?

It's OK for us, we're up really early, so we get to do what we want on a sunny afternoon, but for most of you work takes up a huge amount of sunshine time.

So, we asked you to tell us if you had the best or worst job in a heatwave.

There were lots of jobs we were a little bit jealous of, from the groundskeeper mowing at Edgbaston Stadium (who knew lawnmowers could get Heart by the way) to the roofers spending the day up high, possibly with their tops off.

But then there were a lot of jobs we think you deserve a sunshine medal for coping with in this heat. The nurses wilting on the wards, the chefs cooking up a storm, but struggling to keep cool and the poor people stuck in A/C less offices.

However, you need to spend a moment to remember what could be the worst job of all at this time of year. Listen to this and be glad it's not you...