01/11/12 - Goodbye October, Hello November

Rachel made it out alive from haunted Halloween quest, solid as a rock and into November! Where has the year gone?

If you missed what happened last night, here's the video.

Fair play to Rachel, she's proved that she actually isn't scared of anything and that's another Halloween adventure over and on to the next one.

This morning, we learnt about 2 friends who made a crazy bet with each other... to lick all of the Cathedrals in the UK in 2 years!

As we know and found out, Rachel is always up for a challenge, so we ask you... What can licking challenge could we possibly set Rachel?

Here are some of your GREAT (and some harsh) suggestions...

How about licking 10 steam irons!

Lick local statues and monuments!

Lick all the goal post of the major football stadiums around the West Midlands!

How about all the West Midland gold post boxes?

All the bus stops on the outer circle bus route.

Lick the chins of all the firemen in Birmingham!

Every parking meter in the West Midlands.

All the lollipop ladies lollipops in the Birmingham area.


Rachel's game for anything, but we think she may draw the line at licking pigeons. Thanks for all your suggestions, this may be the start of something beautiful!

Cheers for waking up with us, speak to you Friday morning!

Ed & Rachel

Ed and Rachel