02/11/12 - Lick My Landmark

Lick My Landmark? What's that you ask? It's exactly as it sounds...

It's the new challenge we've set for Rachel! This is after 2 friends made a bet that one of them would lick all the Cathedrals in the UK. After having a bit of fun with the story, Ed laid down the gauntlet and Rachel accept the challenged to...

To lick a MASSIVE 100 West Midlands Landmarks in November! She better get licking pretty fast!

Here's Rachel revealing her licking technique

Rachel Licking

She's game! Now for the landmarks. We asked you, what should Rachel lick? Here are some of the suggestions of what you think Rachel's saliva should meet!

Rachel could lick Ellie Simmonds gold post box in Aldridge

One of the Planes on Spitfire Island

She's got to lick the Lickey Hills.

Rachel could lick the Hippo in Walsall town centre.

Rachel could lick the Bottle and Glass pub at the Black Country Living Museum

One landmark that should be tasty to lick is Cadbury World

Hi Ed. Think Rachel should lick the Bulls nose in the Bullring! 

The Floozie in the Jacuzzi

Rachel can lick the Ironbridge in Telford

Rach should lick the Tipton Slasher Statue in Tipton

Lick the University of Birmingham Clock Tower, Old Joe

Great starting points. Let the licks begin!

If you have any suggestions, contact us on Facebook or tweet us on @heartbreakfast with #LickMyLandmark.

Happy Friday, have a GREAT weekend!

Ed & Rachel x

Ed and Rachel