03/12/12 - Hello December

Over the weekend, Charlie was crowned Queen of the Jungle, we celebrate a very special birthday and it's 22 sleeps till Santa

What an action packed weekend and on top of that. it was the weekend to put your Christmas tree up! That festive feeling is starting to hit us!

Today, we say happy birthday to text messaging! It's 20 years old and the first text sent simply said 'Merry Christmas!'

So we decided to have some Monday morning fun, by asking you to forward us the last text message you received.

Trying to decode the meaning of your texts had us in stitches!

Can u try taking the battery out and putting it back in and it should work x x x

That's the nicest thing you have said all weekend xxx

Put breakfast on 

Stuffing Xxx

Babe take a pic of the tower xxx please 

grab sum suger dude

9. Slippers for Christmas

awwww man :( xx

I'll let u no when she's gone babe if its nt too late xxx

We won't judge, but it looks like some of you lead some very 'interesting' lives!

We also revealed this morning in fabulous style that there 22 more sleeps till Santa! Learn the song and sing along with us tomorrow!

Thanks for waking up with us

Ed and Rachel