05/02/2013 - Partner Peeves

Most of us woke up this morning with a little surprise of snow on the floor...

Ed woke up with the thoughts that his partner had confessed that she doesn't like the aftershave he wears! The word she used to describe it was 'sick' which isn't the adjective you'd want to describe a scent!

So we asked you for you partner confessions. 

What don't you like about your partner? Here are some of your texts.

my wife had her hair cut short

I hate it when my wife tries to have a conversation with me from another room!

whenever she does me a sandwich .takes a bite out of it 

He blows his nose on the dirty laundry

I hate the way my husband mike, looks at women in bikinis when we are on the beech, and if I look at men it's a different story.

My lovely boyfriend has a bogie patch.on the wall above our bed!! Yes he picks his nose in bed and wipes it on the wall........in a particular spot. Its drives me absolutely mad!

And probably my favourite....I hate how pale he is. Does my nut in.

Some great confessions there. I am a bit paranoid about my actions now, thanks West Midlands!

Speak to you when you wake up!

Ed and Rachel