09/01/2013 - Wouldn't It Be Better If...

We came across a website which lets you share ideas about little improvements which make life that little bit better.

Ed came up with milk from a tap! Imagine that? Hot water, cold water and a tap for milk next to it!

Rachel came up with a pedal toilet seat. That would solve so many little problems!

Here are some of the ideas you came up with...

A letter box that automatically shreds junk mail!

Self cleaning teenage boys bedroom! Like those public toilets.

Devices built into lamp posts that switch them off when there's no movement on the ground.

The perfect invention would be a phone that spots drunken mistakes so wont send that text.

Different shaped nozels for diesel and petrol so its impossible to put the wrong fuel in

An instant demisting bathroom mirror after a bath or shower.

Thanks for your texts. Wouldn't it be better if these things existed?

Some great ideas here! If you're a bit of a whizz, take one of these go make your millions!

Thanks for waking up with us, same time tomorrow!

Ed and Rachel