09/11/12 - Whoops, I've Text The Wrong Person

Listen again to the Friday Song! Plus, we got some hot goss for you, last night, Rachel had accidentally sent a text to Ed and it was pretty clear it was meant to be for her partner!

We've all done it, gone into panic mode after you've pressed the send button and it's too late to cancel! We can't tell you too much, but Rachel's text contained the words 'hot' and 'outfit!'

So we asked you...Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person?

Here are some of your AMAZING, 'whoops, I've text the wrong person' stories...

I once text my mum instead of my girlfriend at the time a dirty text about what I was going to do to her the next day.

I was trying to date this man, but was going to a slimming club. Sent him text telling him I was going swinging!!! Not slimming, YOU HIT THE SEND BUTTON and its tooooo late lol x  

My now fiance text his ex wife a text that was meant for me. OMG did it cause WW3!

I was browsing Facebook when my boyfriends ex gf came up as 'someone I may know' I decided to be nosey so clicked onto her photo, the next thing I know 'your friend request has been sent' pops up! I've had to de-activate my Facebook in the hope the request won't go through and she doesn't think I'm a stalker!!

I once was texting my girlfriend when I accidentally sent it to my football manager and now he presumes I'm gay because I sent him three hearts not good.

Morning Ed and Rachel when me and my wife first met she sent me a private picture along with a naughty text - she then noticed she had also sent it to her whole outbox which included her dad, brother and boss!!!

Whoops indeed! Understandably, a lot of these were anonymous! Rachel's text doesn't seem bad at all after reading your dodgy texts!

Here's a little treat for you too! If you've missed out on all the goss that's been happening all over the world, we've put it in a nice little package for you that we like to call the Friday Song.

The Friday Song

Have a fantastic weekend!

Ed and Rachel