14/01/13 - We Have Snow

Monday morning, and we've been hit with snow! We were hoping the Arctic conditions would give everyone a day off work, but unfortunately it didn't!

Rachel has been inspired by Les Mis, and sang the travel news. I'm sure you'll be seeing her on the West End very soon juding by her performance...

Rachel Singing The Travel

We sent Gino D'Acampo a people carrier over the weekend and he wouldn't get in! So we wanted to know why you've thrown a silly diva strop before. 

Here are some of your reasons

The wife put the milk in the tea, with the tea bag.

I lost it over a boiled egg.

I walked out of a job 'cos my boss upset me!

I had a strop when my wife told me I was eating too much.

When I have made the bed and someone sits on it and mess it up grrrrrrrrrrr.

My little cousin got upset when we bought him a bonsai tree. He thought it was a normal tree that hadn't grown properly, he said it was too small!

Thanks for getting in touch this morning!

See you tomorrow, we'll see if any more of that white stuff falls again!

Ed and Rachel