14/02/2013 - Valentines Day!

Whether you're all loved up, or completely single we've been hearing what your plans are.

This valentines day i'm giving my self present of laser eye surgery i'm single pringle.

I've got bloody parents evening tonight very romantic.

I've just got engaged this morning! Wonderful fiancée Matt! What a surprise!

I had a lovely Valentines card from my husband so many lovely things he wrote in it. I said that's so nice he said he got them off the net last night!!! 

Started pretty well today! Been dieting and have been fed up of it the past few days. Tried on a size 16 top this morning that I bought online, expected it to be too small and it fit! Comfortably! Going to wear it for Valentines with my boyfriend 'cos I feel so good in it!

Amazing! My husband of nearly 20 years has arranged a weekend in Paris! Total shock! 

Vile, vile, vile.. Got up, threw up. I have a migraine!

Taking my son and his friends to laser quest for Valentines.

Wow, engagements and some more unromantic gestures.

Whatever you're doing for Valentines- we love you!!

We're back on FRIDAY!